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Moving out, what to do? ?

I’ve been planning to move out for a while now. My cousin wants to get an apartment with me, while my other friend wants me to move in with him. I’d love to get an apartment with my cousin, but there are a couple problems. First, he has never had a stable job in his life and currently does not have one. He gets all of his money handed to him from his parents. Also, my cousin is very dependent and does not drive. The thing is, his feelings get hurt very easily, if I tell him I’m moving in with a friend, he would get very sad and jealous, maybe to the point of cutting me out of his life and picking up old bad habits that he once had. Is there a way I could move into my friend’s without hurting his feelings? Or perhaps get my own apartment or move in with my cousin? I just need to find a solution that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, especially my cousin who I care about very much. 

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    I would advise you to act as you normally would, with normal people, and to do what is in your own best interests as your top priority.  Your cousin is a problem person. There may be no way you can avoid "hurting his feelings", if he is that sensitive and vulnerable, but you still have to do what's best for you and stop trying to rescue him all the time. Being rescued by his parents has helped to create the problems he already has.

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    Um the old cake and eat it too scenario, even though you care a lot about him you need to think about your future and it sounds like he will seriously drag you down

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