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My wife always attacks me physically and insults me. i hate her. what should i do to get rid of this hell?

If I divorce her I'm afraid of losing my daughter

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    Take photographs of your injuries, and record her being verbally abusive to you.  Get an attorney, and then go to divorce court, petitioning for custody of your child.  If you have proof of the abuse, you can say that you fear for your daughter's safety.

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    You divorce her.  You file for residential custody (the child would live with you).  You prove your wife is physically violent and insulting.  A Judge reviews the proof, decides you are best equipped to raise the child, the divorce is granted and you get custody.

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    You need strategy to improve your situation 

    1. Do daily gym to make yourself healthy and strong enough. 

    2. Take good foods to build your best body.

    3. Then soon you will get bigger muscles and be relaxed.

    4. Bring her gift to make her happy. 

    5. Learn best sex skills to make her get multiple orgasms with greatest pleasure.  

    6. Then she will love you back with heart.

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    Divorce her to get u free of her for good

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    If this is true, you need to obtain evidence of the abuse. Photographs of any injuries, recorded conversations with her about what she does- or even hidden cameras - but don't provoke her, though. If you have genuine evidence of her violence, you may be awarded custody of your daughter if you have a good lawyer.

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    You get a lawyer, and tell him about the abuse, file for divorce, and custody of your daughter.

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    YOU will not loose your daughter 

    NO Judge will give your ex the full custody of your daughter 

    You will have your daughter every 2 weeks 

    and some time its every week end 

    SEE a  lawyer as soon as possible 

     You cannot   go on like this anymore 

    you will go on a depression 

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    You're going to have to risk losing your daughter. This sort of physical abuse will only get worse. If you don't believe me, see this News story about a woman in Pennsylvania who killed her husband:

    Or if she doesn't kill or injure you, one day you will try to defend yourself. And even if you are just pushing her away she will instantly burst into tears and call the police. They will always believe the woman and charge you with assault.

    Occasionally fathers can get  custody of their children, though it's difficult. But in the first instance you have to leave for your own safety.

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