How do they do green screen where there's multiple "you's" in the same scene at the same time?

Here's one example.

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how do you do this????

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  • John
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    2 months ago
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    I don't do video editing but the principle is the same as photoshop. Using maybe After Effects, which is video post processing. Layers are like sheets of tracing paper. You lay them one on top of another.

    So you video the background and then you video all of the poses in greenscreen. You put the background on layer 1 and then put the greenscreens on layers 2,3,4, etc. When you activate all the layers you see all the images as one, and you have 3 versions of yourself in one place at the same time.

    That is the technique. Execution is not so simple, as always.

  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    I don't think he used a green screen at all. You use a green screen to change the background. This one stays the same. He just overlaid the videos on each other.

  • Sumi
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    2 months ago

    In this example of a single guy playing multiple instruments, the person made three videos of himself playing the three instruments.  He then took a portion of each video and blended them together.  He kept the camera mounted on a steady tripod so that all of the three videos would line up with each other.

    Or course, if you use a green screen, all you do is make a video of the various instruments being played.  Then import the different videos into your video-editing program such as Adobe After Effects.  When you do that, each video will be its own separate layer which can be manipulated up, down, left, right, etc...  The green screen, being on its own unique layer, can be filled with whatever you want.

  • 2 months ago

    i have no idea...

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