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How can I get my brother to let me drive his car?

My brother is coming to visit me on Thanksgiving and is driving himself in his 2010 Miata(the car was once my dad's until he passed) from 5 hours away. Last year. While on a road trip across to LA from Ohio, he drove me on the back roads after having been traumatized by a fatal accident he once saw on the freeway (on a side note,he also hates flying). I'm a high functioning autistic. At times, I kept telling him that I'm an excellent driver and how my dad let me drive his car slowly around the driveway. 

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    You drove slowly around the driveway and think you should be allowed on teh roads? Do you even have a license? If you mean you just want him to let you drive on the driveway then you should specify that. However you CAN'T make him let you drive, and honestly I'm not sure how much I'd trust you if you don't have a license. Remember if you go on the road he can get in trouble for that. If it was me I might let you sit in the driver's seat without the keys, but not likely to let you drive my car(just not in to letting people drive my car).

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    You don’t. Driving around the driveway is not the same as driving on the road. 

    Don’t little things distract you and driving is when you do not want to be distracted.

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