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How to remove faded red hair dye from bleached hair?

hi! i dyed a small portion of my hair red w a manic panic dye literally last month :( and it’s faded to a nasty orange color that I cannot stand - I have tried the toner dish soap purple shampoo yada yada you know the mixture, twice - and I have used Ion color remover since then (ofcourse with some time inbetween if you were wondering, surprised my hair hasn’t been damaged at all) and it won’t budge. Does anyone have any tips on removing stubborn red dye? 

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    Purple shampoo isn't going to work since it's not brassy, it's dye that permanently stained your hair. Fashion dyes can do that when they're super bright or very dark applied on light blond / bleached hair.

    You may have to bleach that portion of your hair to remove the color. If you haven't bleached your hair in the past 2-4 weeks, you should be safe to bleach your hair. 

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