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Anyone have experience as an RHIT aka Registered health information technologist: and is this a dying field?


Alex, Thank you for your response. Its a little nerving to witness so much that's being automated, already. Ive retired from a field that wont be changing anytime soon. Its just changing the rules so i was interested in RHIT. I feel like corona has really brought much to light....I even see colleges giving a pass on testing to qualify to their programs.

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    I don't have experience in this field specifically.  But I do have experience in fields that are changing very rapidly, and skills that were valuable 5 years ago are not worth much today.  So with that, I would say with any field, there are two things to keep in mind.  First, what is available NOW.  Search job ads to see what kinds of jobs are currently available.

    Second, assume the worst, that whatever field you go into may not have much future, and how you want to manage your career growth (don't assume that ANY job you take now will be what you have for the rest of your life).  

    So take what ever job you go for now, and think about what the next logical advancement for someone in that position is.  Then, take a class every year or two to boost your qualification.  Then as you get more experience combined with more education, you'll find yourself well positioned for the next big thing to come your way.

    Good luck!

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