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I hate my culture so much and I dont know most of it.?

I'm 24 and I hate my culture so much. I'm Arab (Syrian) and I wish I never grew up in this household. I'm not allowed to do anything. Yes, my parents are muslims. I have 5 younger brothers and a sister who was just born last month. I came to America when I was just 2 so basically lived my entire life here and I enjoy it. The problem is, I'm 24 and I'm not allowed to do anything. I wanted to move out, but that wasn't allowed. I saved up money for this moment and I'm not able to do it. Plus my parents are trying to marry me off to one of my cousins who came from Syria. He doesn't know any English and my Arabic is trash. I dont even plan to marry anyone from my family, that's gross to me. My parents are already far cousins and now I'm "engaged" to my first cousin. My parents keep threatening me and my dad threatened to end me if I dont go through with their plans for me. I dont want their religion or culture in my path. I want to live a normal life. My parents are both extremely strict with their religion and culture. Theres no changing them or talking them out of anything. They took all my money and told me they will give it to me after marriage. My marriage will be in 2 months and I'm having none of it. Should I call someone for help? Or should I run away? I dont know what to do with myself anymore and I've been depressed. I dont have many friends and now my money is all gone. I dont know what to do..any advice would be appreciated. Thank you 

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    Go to your nearest fire station, tell them your story and have them help you get to a shelter for battered women.  Understand that your life will be permanently altered if you want to escape.  You will have to live in hiding until you learn some job skills that will allow you to have some independence. The shelter will help you until you are able to leave.  Your ultimate goal will be to move far, far away and change your name.  You will never be able to see your family again, because your father has already said he will kill you if you disobey him.  I would take that very seriously, because it did happen to two sisters here in Dallas several years ago.  Their father killed both of his daughters because one of them had become friends (not lovers) with a non-Muslim boy at her high school. The father escaped to Egypt but sneaked back into the U.S., and he was captured a couple of months ago, after being hunted for nearly 10 years.  Be brave and do this, and you will save your life.  Good luck to you. 

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    When you can move out, do not tell them where you are, if you do, they will drag you back and make you marry that guy.

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