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Why would my boss do this?

I had this boss. On like the 2nd day of work she had all her family come in i.e. daughter, mum, dad and she was casually trying to introduce them to me. Her daughter seemed polite but unfriendly, her father was okay and her mum straight up gave me a glare and dirty look and never said hi back. It scared me. After that day, they hardly ever came again in the store except her daughter. I was only there to work, I didn't know I had to meet my boss's whole family. 

Why would she do this?


@Anonymous, but she was just a manager there- she even left the place to get another job. Her family never worked there.

Update 2:

She wasn't the company owner.

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    2 months ago

     Maybe (s)he’s clueless or just wanted to create bond’s zx

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    🥴 Obviously, its family owned.

    So although she's your superior, the entire family comes in to support.

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