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Can I do this instead of what the...?

Well I want to do is hire someone with a four year college degree, but I do not have a even a four year college degree myself. So how can I get help if I do not know what's going on. All I learned in school is the basic information about my job and I do not know how to setup a business meeting with someone else more experience than me... But I do know how to write and draw. But do understand what is going on with the economy. So with a helping hand can you please help me out thanks. 

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    It sounds like you are saying you want to hire someone with a college degree to do the things in a business that you yourself do not know how to do because you don't have a college degree.  Of course, this is what business owners do all the time.  There is often a personnel officer, an accountant, and perhaps even an attorney to take care of various aspects of running a business that the owner doesn't necessarily know how to do.  

    However, it isn't likely you'd be able to find someone to run your business for you.  If someone knew how to run a business, rather than work for you, they'd probably run a business they owned themselves.  They would have no incentive to work for you.

    Also, keep in mind that just because someone has a four year college degree does not mean they know anything about business.  If they majored in business, they would know a lot.  But until they have experience, their degree is really not worth all that much.  And many people run businesses without having a college degree.  

    Honestly, instead of trying to hire someone to run your business, it could be that a better route for you is to take some college classes yourself.  Many 2 year colleges (as well as 4 year colleges) offer such courses.  That could be an excellent first step.

    Good luck to you!

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