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How long will it take for my cat to accept my new dog? ?

I got a rescue cat around 2 years ago and we've lived me and her up until recently. 4 days ago I rescued a 5 year old dog, she is a complete darling and loves all people and animals. My dog has previously lived with cats and isn't one bit bothered by them.

I introduced the dog to my cat for a couple of minutes on the first day. The dog wasn't bothered and hardly looked twice at the cat, but obviously the cat was clearly surprised that there was now a dog in the house and her back was raised and she disappeared quickly upstairs. 

Its been 4 days now, the dog is brilliant and gives the cat all her space and doesn't bother her one bit, the cat, will walk near the dog to get passed and watch the dog from a distance but is not interested in getting any closer. I think the cat knows now the dog isn't a threat and won't hurt her but she isnt giving in on being friends. I am happy there has been no aggression shown between either my cat or dog. I think the dog just wants to be friends but the cat is just obviously pretending the dog isn't here or exists at the minute, lol. 

I understand 4 days is nothing and it will take longer. I just wondered if anyone would know how long it may take. I do worry that the cat will be stubborn forever and never give in. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Each cat is different but it sounds like yours will adjust fast. They might never be friends but that's ok. As long as they get along and are comfortable around each other they will be just fine. 

  • Maxi
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    2 months ago

    If the cat is walking passed the dog, it isn't that bothered about it... give it a couple of weeks

  • 2 months ago

    Sounds like the cat has accepted the dog, isn't afraid of it. That is really all you can expect in most cases. They may never be the 'friends' you would like them to be. I've had cats and dogs living in my house for the last 45 years or so. No dog or cat has ever been friends with one of the other species. They don't bother each other, they don't mind having the other around, the dog may wag its tail when it sees the cat, maybe the cat will rub up against the dog occasionally and not swat the dog if the dog sniffs the cat, maybe once in a while a cat will sleep near the dog, maybe the dog learns not to bother chasing the cat when they're outdoors. To me, that says they're getting along fine.

    If you have a young dog and a young cat who grow up together, sometimes they will play or be buddies, but it isn't common, and to expect older animals of either type to want to play or snuggle with each other is unrealistic.

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