How to get my name on my boyfriends house/mortgage? Refinancing question as well.?

My 54 y/o boyfriend and I (25 y/o) have lived together almost 5 years now. He owned the house we live in before we started dating. It was only his name on the house when he bought it. We have a 2 year old son together. My boyfriend still owes roughly half of the original mortgage and wants to refinance and add my name to ownership of the house at the same time. Is that doable without being legally married? I suppose we could get married if we needed to in order to get my name on the house but we were planning a destination wedding before covid happened and it had to be canceled :( We live in Alaska. Please help? I find all this terribly confusing and can't find clear answers. 

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    You can own the house together without being married but you would be foolish to do this.  The best form of ownership is as joint tenants with rights of survivorship which allows the house to go automatically to whichever of you is second to die, likely to be you.  This form of ownership can be created without marriage but is fiendishly difficult to undo if your relationship breaks down because both of you own 100%. 

    You do not necessarily need to refinance.  My husband was able to get our house transferred to joint names with a simple title transfer when we married.  The mortgage was not disturbed; the loan is still in just his name.  Ask the bank whether they can do it this way.  It actually gives them more protection as a foreclosure action can be taken against both of you.

    Protect yourself by getting married.  You owe this to your son.  Shack-ups are notoriously unstable.

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    This is 2020, not 1950. Women don't have to be married to get s mortgage!

    He needs to refinance the house, and, as long as you qualify, you can be added too.

    He needs to speak to a mortgage broker though

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    Yes, you can do that.  

  • He doesn't own it.  Until he pays off the debt, the lender owns it.  What he can do, when he refinances it, is add you to the paperwork as a cosigner.  They'll ask, repeatedly, if he is signing for the loan by himself or if there is anybody else who will be involved.  Keep in mind that once your name is on there, then you'll be on the hook for the loan, too.  The good things that come with paying on time (increased credit score, mainly) and the bad things that come with defaulting (destroyed credit score), will also apply to you, so hopefully it works out for both of you and you work well together.  I think it's odd that a nearly 50 year old man hooked up with someone who was barely out of high school and had a kid with her almost immediately, but whatever.

    Once the note is paid off and he has the deed, he can do whatever he wants, as far as ownership is concerned.  He can add your name to the deed, and it's really easy to do.

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    Your name can be added if and only he refinances, but you will have to qualify for the mortgage too.

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