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Why don't asians seem to suffer from systemic racism (please no racism allowed)?

This data is from 2012. It looks like in 2020, after further research, not much has changed. The Asians who come here do not speak English very well and seem to not understand everything in class in my experience. 

Now, if you want a closer look at where this is from. Here it is.


Why are Asians not claiming oppression or such? 

Update 2:

Gypsyfish, everything you have said was "used to." There really is nothing of the present of anything you said that is true today. There are no "whites only." None of us were even alive in such times. 

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    Asians do suffer from racism, but there's a cultural aspect to their upbringing that drives them to work hard and succeed.

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    I'm a 38 year-old Asian male born in America... on base... and I've got stories.

    They're so depressing that most people deny the events - while those who would've been a shoulder to lean on get so depressed that they avoid the subject.

    Not all Asians get rich and all of that.

    My life has been tough - I'm 38 and have never even had a girlfriend.

    My issues are so bad that it has thoroughly effected even that aspect of my life and therein lies what one might call a Vicious Cycle. 

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    I think most would tell you that they HAVE suffered from racism. If you asking why they tend to be more successful academically, the first problem is that many statistics, like the ones you're quoting, lump together students from fairly affluent backgrounds, like many Japanese, with those from very poor countries. But most of the those cultures place a very high value on education. Have you heard of "tiger parenting"? Students are expected to study just about all the time. Now, if you are trying to compare this to African Americans, consider this. African Americans were denied the chance to go to school for a long time, and then forced into schools with inadequate funding. Even if they did graduate, they were discriminated in hiring. Job listings in newspapers used to say "Whites Only." When education doesn't lead to a decent job or a better life, people tend to stop thinking of it as important. Then you have generations of people who live in poverty, and don't have the resources to prepare students or help them through school. So stop trying to claim it's some sort of innate ability or lack of ability. 

    Updated: Stop thinking of "Asians" as one homogenous group. Cambodians are not the same as Japanese, and Vietnamese are not the same as Chinese. 

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