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Can VPN make my work computer appear like it is somewhere else?

I have a job at a relatively small company (1000 ish) that I have been working for remotely in Texas. Recently a family member was seriously injured in Mexico and I really want to be there but my company doesn´t want their employees working outside of the US. This isn´t for legal reasons, I have consulted with a lawyer and as long as I am in Mexico for less than six months working remotely I am just considered a tourist with no tax implications. My company just considers it "to risky" to our wellbeing. So my question is, how can I appear like I am working in Texas while helping my family in Mexico? If I have to lose my job, that is a risk I am willing to take. I have looked a lot into VPNs, I have seen how if you attach it to a router it can bypass potential keylogging, but I really don´t know how effective this actually is. My company has their own VPN that the remote workers connect to but I have heard how you can use a double VPN? Have any of you been in a similar situation? I don´t care if they see my activity but I need to look like I am in Texas.

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    This plan will be....complicated.  Not all VPN providers have servers located in Texas.  The ones who do, might not allow you to choose a server by specific state.  The few who allow you to be that picky about your server will probably want to charge you extra to do that.  Most of the servers tend to be on the East Coast or West Coast.  But that is just considering the issue from the VPN server side.  You also have to consider the Mexico Internet infrastructure.  I personally wouldn't attempt this stunt unless I had a synchronous fiber connection.  Those are hard to find in the United States.  I'd be somewhat surprised if you could find that kind of bandwidth in Mexico...especially if you are locked into a specific location in Mexico (like your relative's house, for example)

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    No cause your google washes for ever.

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    The short answer is YES.If you try to sneak around and get caught, you're much more likely to be fired.

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    The short answer is YES.  If you subscribe to one of the more popular VPN services you can usually choose which city you want to "look like you're in."  [IP Vanish, for example, has Texas cities in it.]


    My only caveat is that I have not personally tried to use a double VPN session -- which sounds like what you're trying to do.  Try it and see. Some of these VPN services give you a free trial...


    However, I agree with the person that said to talk to your boss (or HR) and let them know what's going on. If you're a valuable person they're probably going to work with you since it's much easier (nowadays) to keep talented people than it is to hire and train someone new during CV-19.

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    Your lawyer is an idiot.

    Your employer does not need to keep you employed if you are working outside the US.  If you are using confidential, they probably do not allow people to access that outside the US.

    VPNs are tricky.  A double VPN may be feasible but getting it to work, unlikely.

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    Why not be honest with them? If you try to sneak around and get caught, you're much more likely to be fired.

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    Yeah, and I would recommend Express VPN.  People are unable to observe what you're browsing if it is encrypted.  If you're running low on money, then use NordVPN.  Use Tor browser if you're really hardcore.

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    Why ask such a stupid question. If you’re willing to lose your job over it then why bother trying to hide your location. Just go to Mexico. If you get caught, oh well. If you don’t get caught, then continue. 

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