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re charging my credit card?

Hi. I purchased an amazon order where the package arrived as ripped and my facial cleanser was missing and one of the other items was a different product in the order. I got an automatic refund for my facial cleanser but sent back the wrong item to only receive an email from Amazon saying that they will have to re-charge me for the wrong item! m pretty upset about it not only for the $5 missing facial cleanser but now they are re-charging me for sending me the wrong item that i sent back and an automated refund for it. I canceled my card on file and contacted them but haven't heard back yet. I don't get at which point the facial cleanser was stolen because the package was amazon prime and delivered by amazon driver. It seems to have been unevenly ripped open using a knife but only the facial cleanser was missing, but i got my refund for it so thats just part of being upset, im more worried that they want to re-charge me for the returned wrong item. I had ordered tommy hilfiger sweater and got something different by tommy hilfiger so i shipped back and got my refund. Will the cancellation of my credit card on file stop them from re-charging me because now i dont even have the wrong item they sent me as iit's shipped back. I never had this happen and im pretty upset about this issue. How can I prevent them from re-charging me now is my issue?

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    Cancelling your card will not help.  You can prevent them from recharging by discussing it with them.  You can contest it with your credit card company as well.  Amazon is very good with customer service like this.  Unless you're a repeat offender or have somehow triggered them to think you're trying to cheat them they will do what's right.

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