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If a adult stalk disturb or bully children but have no sexually intent can still be called 'Child Molester'?

The main definition after searching in google of 'Child Molester' is "a person who sexually assaults or abuses a child." but, what if there is no sexually intent or think about it? I ask mainly after I was bored and watched when channel surfing, about the Power Puff Girls, and made me remember the old times with the villains and then think of the definition... If the adult don't have any sexually interest or intent but still like to disturb, stalk and bully the children, can still be called 'Child Molester'? Or that is just a bully? Is there a term or word that is more appropiate?

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    "Molest" can refer to many behaviors but the term "child molester" has come to have a sexual meaning. "Stalking" also suggests a sexual intent. If it's beating, bullying or verbal assaults, "abuse" is the usual term.

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    yes.   abuse and assault isn't limited to sexual acts

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