There's this book that I've forgotten the title of, can anybody help me?

I remember reading it so long ago and remembered how it made me ball my eyes crying, it was about a girl who was a witch and there was this tragic curse on all of the women of the family where when they found true love, they'd kill them? I'm pretty sure she lived with her gran and her gran would openly disapprove of her mother because she had refused to conform to the ways of their witch lives but her gran never explained the curse to the girl, so the girl also grew up disapproving of her mother and wanted to be a witch. Some things happened and her mother I'm sure came back for the girl and took her with her, where she forbade her to see this guy she had recently met? Long story short she met this boy, fell in love and then he died saving her while she was trying to get away from him so that the curse didn't affect him and I've forgotten the title of the book. If anybody knows what it's called can they please enlighten me? Thank you!

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