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What should I do moving forward in this relationship?

A guy and I went to college with each other. We knew of each other and we would say hi and have small talk but nothing serious.

He graduated a semester before me. This is my last semester of school. We would periodically text and through that we became friends, but in this last semster things picked up and we were/are seriously considering being in a relationship once I graduate.

He had been cleared that he liked me from the start for a very long time. Tbh, I've never seen him in that way, but by virtue of us talking all the time and getting to know him, there is a lot of things I like about him and I could see us in a relationship.

The problem now is he just found out about a week ago after going in for testing he has herpes (HSV-1). He finally was able to tell me this the other day. This relationship/friendship had been entirely virtual, but this week he is back in town for the holidays and we were planning to meet and finally see each other after all this time (with that being said, I wasn't planning to kiss or do anything physical with him, but I guess perhaps he wanted to be sure given the possibilities so he went in to get checked and tested for STDs,etc.)

Important facts: we're both virgins/never been kissed. I am not in love with him.

So my question is what do I do moving forward with him? I am scared if I do pursue a relationship with him I put myself at risk of contracting herpes in my first relationship and being scarred for life...

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    So he got the virginal herpes? Wow, they're the worst.

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