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What should I do? (college transfer)?

I'm in the process of transferring to a public university for the Spring 2020-2021 semester. I've already started the process and submitted my application. But, I've ran  an issue and need some advice on what I should do. I sent in my transcripts from my summer classes that I took in May, I have a 3.4 GPA, and overall good grades in all of my classes. However, here's where the problem comes into play. I only have 9 completed credit hours, which is the bare minimum of credits you need to be eligible for transferring. So, I would have to send in my high school transcripts, which are not great. I averaged a 1.6 GPA, and got a cumulative 14 on my ACT's, mainly because I didn't really care about my grades at the time. The only way for my high school transcripts and ACT scores to not be evaluated is if I send in my fall semester grades after they become available. But, my grades won't be available until Dec. 24th, it takes a few weeks to review my application, then I have to prepare in order to move into said university, and enroll in classes, all the while the Spring Semester date is Jan. 7th 2021. I'm in a severe time crunch. So, should I just bite the bullet and tell admissions to take my application as is with my bad high school grades? Or wait until December to turn in my fall grades, but have the potential to not have enough time to be prepared for the spring semester? I'm open to any and all advice, I'm just worried about making the wrong decision, and paying for it later.

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    Actually, since you did so badly in high school you never should have been granted a diploma (universities & employers will consider your diploma a joke), you are trying to transfer prematurely. You really need at least a full year - 30 or more credit hours - to prove you really have the capacity to do university-level academic work before you try to transfer. An appalling high school transcript with so few community college credits is actually ridiculous. You have not even proved to yourself yet that you can actually go the distance with college-level work! Ask the school to consider your application for transfer into the fall 2021 term. You have more obstacles than a "time crunch" trying to transfer in such short order. Give yourself proper time & chances to really prepare for university. You'll be so much better off for that!

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    Contact the Admissions office.  They can help you decide what would be the best course of action.  They may let you apply and even accept you pending your current semester's grades, and without your high school information.  If not, then you may as well give it a try and see what happens - just send your transcript to them right away when the semester ends so that they have time to evaluate it. 

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    Here's what to decide first; what's the plan if you don't get accepted for Spring term? Are you able to continue where you are and have another term of grades to submit, without having to include high school transcripts? I mean, either way, waiting til the last minute or missing the deadline and just crossing your fingers or submitting poor transcripts from high school are both going to be fairly high risk choices. If you are able to continue where you are it may be a better option. 

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    Contact the admissions office. They may be willing to take your current grades from your current classes. You are not alone in not being able to submit final transcripts of fall classes.  You may be able to get your university to send an "in-progress" transcript that would include the courses you are currently taking with your current grades in those classes.  That would be followed up by the official final transcript later in December.  

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