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What are some explanations for my cats behavior?

My dad got a cat about a week ago. She is 6-8 years old. My dads cat is really, really friendly and social. She just doesn’t act like a cat. Constantly asks for attention, prefers to sleep with people. She loves being pet and requests belly rubs. The first time I met her she greeted me with rubbing herself against me and head butting me and snuggling. She purrs whenever i so much as come near her. She purrs in response to other people a lot, but purrs when I so much as make gentle eye contact or start to approach her. I just met her and I’m her obvious favorite. She likes to be spooned. Why so friendly?

Also, whenever she is being pet, she gets warmer. Her ears and face and chin especially get very warm. My dad actually thought she might have an ear infection they’d get so warm. Why the heat?

She sleeps all the time! My dad thinks it’s because she’s obese due to previous owners. She’s so sleepy that she delays coming for her meals. Why is she sleeping so much?

By the way, I’m a dog person and my only experience with a cat was when I was living with my dad. She was evicted by the land lord after three months. She acted like a dog (played fetch, tug o war, loved snuggles, hated being home alone), so it wasn’t a true cat experience. I know nothing about cats.

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    2 months ago

    Cats sleep a LOT.  They also aren't as aloof as they've been made out to be.  Obviously she was someone's pet before.  Mine all act like yours does. They greet me at the door when I come home and curl up with me to watch TV. They're also extremely "helpful" when I'm trying to work on the computer.

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    2 months ago

    There really are no explanations. Any time you see anything about cat behavior, those are more or less guidelines, not facts. I have met cats that act like dogs, cats that are super-outgoing and friendly, cats that are not nice and aloof, same with dogs: met plenty that were shy, didn't care about anything, not friendly at all. And dogs are supposed to be, well, friendly silly dogs. 

    Your cat has its own little unique personality. I wouldn't overthink it. I have a cat that loves belly rubs, too. He's not a typical cat at all, but oh well. I've met and seen plenty that aren't "cats." 

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