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Is he into me or not?

So me and this guy have been talking for the past couple weeks and he’s been asking me to hangout, and finally we got a chance to hangout on the weekend (we’ve both been self isolating for over 2 weeks and there is no Covid cases in my town so we were being safe.) He had told me he wanted to hookup but I told him I only wanted to hangout as friends and we would see what happened when we hung out. We ended up really hitting it off and had a lot in common and we sat in his car and listened to music and just talked for almost 3 hours, we did end up kissing and fooling around a little bit, but it was a really great time. He texted me the next night and asked me to send him some songs and sent me a playlist he thought I would like and I told him I want to hangout again soon and he said “yes we have to hang soon!” 

We talked a little bit more over snapchat but neither of us said a specific date of when we would hangout next but we said soon. When we first started talking a few weeks ago he had this habit though of ignoring my snaps for hours at a time even when he was active, and even after we hung out this weekend he’s still does it, like he shows interest and then he leaves me on delivered for hours. Recently I just texted him “when are we hanging out again” and he took a whole day to respond but he responded “my next free day so probably this weekend” so does that seems initiative enough? Or is he just trying to nicely distance himself and could he be talking to other girls too?

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    He likes you and plans on seeing you again. As for whether he's also talking to other girls or not, we have no way of guessing that.

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