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My cat is sad?

So on saturday morning my indoor/outdoor cat finally came out the sewer when he left wednesday morning. unfortunately we dont know what happened but my neighbor found him dead under her heater outside. My cat has a couple of cat friends and they’ve been coming by. Do they know he’s passed? or are they looking for him? We burried him in the woods behind his best friends house by their favorite tree and we put him in a bag so when he decomposes they won’t smell him and dig him up but they go back there a lot so do you think they know?

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    3 months ago

    They probably have a good idea, but are still hoping he will show up. Cats are pretty social and have close-knit groups. It is not likely they would dig him up, but only smell the decomposing body which will give them some good hints at what has happened. Younger cats may not fully understand. 

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