please correct errors in English sentences.?

1  the arrival at (attainment of) the sky results from a firm foundation.

2 have a high will and a wide view like Tokyo skytree.

3 true intellect flashes brightly wherever. 

4 foster your will so high that it can go out over the waves!

   so high'er' that...      is it incorrect?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Oh sweetheart, these need a lot of help. I am not even sure what some of these are meant to say, but I will try to help you.

    1) To reach the sky you need a firm foundation.

    2) If you have a strong will and a broad view of the world, you will g far.

    3)True intellect will shine anywhere you go.

    4) Strengthen your will so that you have no fear of going anywhere.

    I hope these stayed close to the idea you were trying to convey. 

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