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Toxic trait?

Hi, im Charlie.

I wasn't sure where to ask this so I came here? Hopefully to get some opinions/thoughts.

Anyways, I've grown this habit where I fall into this weird mood where I just start cutting people out of my life without a reasonable cause. I do it just because I felt like it and at the end of the day I literally don't care whatsoever and I isolate myself without talking to anyone for months then come back as if everything is ok, talking to everyone (that I haven't cut off yet) 

I just fall into this state where I just don't care?

Lately I've been feeling this way again and have been wanting to just hiding away and cutting ties again.

Is this only me? This is the best way I can explain it? Is it toxic behavior?

I don't have any mental illnesses,, well not that I was diagnosed with by an actual professional instead of self diagnosed

(Talked to someone else about it months ago but they disagreed that it was toxic. Maybe this screenshot of me speaking of it makes a little more sense???)

ANYTHING HELPS IG? Thanks if anyone responds! 


Also sorry if I posted this in the wrong category or smn, still new to how yahoo works and the questions :D

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  • LAN
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    2 months ago

    First, you are an obvious attention wh0re so you are in the right section.

    As to your question, with as much a sad sack as you claim to be it can't be all that hard to cut people out of your life if they are tired of being drained by your negative personality.   Just get used to being alone and stop boring people online begging for attention if you have no interest in doing anything to better yourself.

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