I just paid $1000 to replace 3 parts in boiler. Automatic feeder, ignition and another small part . Now I hear banging and a radiator leaked?

Called repair man to ask him to return. Now he says that the banging is from something else. I never had so much banging, so it is too much of a coincidence. What do you think he should do? Is there too much water pressure

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  • 2 months ago

    This isn't really enough information about your system to make an accurate determination. However, banging pipes happening right after boiler work almost always means that they drained the water, then when the pipes refilled, they left air trapped in the pipes. All air needs to be bled out of the system.

    Again, without knowing your system information, this is a shot in the dark... on most boilers there's an automatic vent attached to the top of the boiler. It looks like a small metal cylinder with a cap on top that looks like what you see on a bicycle tire. Take the cap off and you should see what again looks exactly like what you'd see on a tire (Google "boiler air vent" and look at the images). You can use a screwdriver to gently press down on the little pin in the center of the valve - while the heat is running and water is circulating - to see if air comes out.

    Most likely the air has floated upwards in your pipes and you may need to bleed it at the radiators themselves (if they have bleeders on them). The fact that you say a radiator leaked makes me think that an air bubble got to an air bleeder and caused it to open, then some water came out before it automatically closed.

    The plumber should have bled all the air out when he was finished working and before leaving. It has nothing to do with too much water pressure.

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