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How should I handle this situation?

Right now I depend economically from my husband on everything, which is why I am actively looking for a job I already have 2 interviews, but meanwhile in order for me to be able to move I need gas in my car, due to my husband's treat towards me (insults, yelling, and even telling our son I am a bi  tch) I wanna have nothing to do with him which is why I am looking for a job, logically I don't wanna have sex with you, but as in right now at least to go to those interviews I am going to need some gas his way of taking retaliations is not giving me for it if I don't fulfill as a wife, he knows as soon as I get some money, I am going to ask for divorce because I cannot stand this situation anymore. and I know he would give it to me, but he also would take the kids from me for which I am still in this marriage, I have evidence of him yelling at me, and pics of when he hit me, should I just endure, pretending I enjoy sex with him so I can get some gas to go to those interviews? Or what to do when I have no where to go right now?


I meant to say I don't wanna have sex with him

Update 2:

how do I get away from him without gas? Yes I have proof of his violence and yes I am going to take the job which is why I am going to interviews

Update 3:

I became harsh to him because of his way of treating me, we used to have it pretty often and his attitude was ALWAYS the same, I don't wanna be in this relationship anymore

Update 4:

I have no family hear

homer, quit being a grandisimo pen  de jo de mier  da

are all americans this insensitive??????

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    Look for the groups for abused and battered wives, contact them. They should be able to help you.

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    I am sorry that your situation is so bad, and I think you are right to leave.  But please be careful ! You said he is violent, and he is also very controlling. Leaving such a person can be dangerous and you need to do it safely. Please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline, at  1 800 799-7233, for guidance and advice. They are free, and available 24/7 .

    You said you have no family here. Do you have either friends or family somewhere else? If so, perhaps they can help you , either with money or offering you a place to stay .

    Meanwhile, be extremely careful not to get pregnant! This is not the place or time!

    Good luck and good wishes, 

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    Maybe you should try to not be a be-yotch?

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    Gas, grass or a*s*s nobody rides for free.

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    Look at this another way.  You want him to pay for gas for your car.  You say you want the car so that you can look for a job to earn money with the intention of divorcing him.  And he refuses to give you that money.  Presumably you have no savings.  You haven't had a job.  If he has provably attacked you then you can ask for help from the police and welfare groups.  A claim alone isn't sufficient because everyone makes this same claim.  But no one can stop you just leaving and living with mum or a friend for a while.  For now you take the kids.  But remember the kids are as much his as yours.  They are not possessions as such.

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    As long he is your husband , he has right to ask for sex with you and bear your and your kids all your expenses too > you seem to be harsh with him in daily routine and refuse sex with him which triggers his agony and anger which leads to yell and harsh and hard treatment with you . On divorce , your 2nd marriage will be a sheer problem with you and your kids especially. Try to be a bit lenient and reconcile your husband , may not for u , but for your kids . With who so ever will you go , sex is inevitable . So if it is with tour present husband father of your kids too , it shall be a routine matter.So get some money from your husband any way and go for interviews. God will help you soon , and your life will become easy . Do not think of Divorce , only think of reconciliation dear . Leaving your husband may go a long way adverse to your kids

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    You are focusing on gasoline instead of focusing on getting away from your husband.  You have proof of his violence?  Take that proof to the police and the social services and they will help you.  You are remaining and having unwanted sex because you are scared of him and he knows you aren't going to run.  You are just going to complain a lot but do nothing in actual fact.  You've got interviews but no means of getting to them or to the jobs if you do manage to get to interview.  Your first job is to get away from him.  Call a friend and get accommodation temporarily for you and the kids and then get away.

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