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Is it possible Prince Charles will not call himself King Charles when he gets coronated?

He could call himself King George, King Arthur or King Philip ?

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    It was said he'd be another George as King.   However as William and Catherine have named their first-born George, that idea may have changed.   I think he wanted to stay away from being another King Charles as the first 2 were not that successful.   I don't see why he can't be Charles III as King.  After all he's been Charles for a very long time now.

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    It has been suggested that Charles take the regnal name of George VII, after his grandfather and great-grandfather, two kings who served during the World Wars. This is a way to honor to kings and highlight the continuity of the monarchy.

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    There is no such thing as being coronated.

    A Monarch is crowned a a coronation.  

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    Yes, it true that he can use any name he wants to as king.  And it’s from the time he's proclaimed, not from the time he’s crowned that he begins using the regnal name. Who knows, he might even buck the trend and reign as Athelstan II. 

    British, and before that, English and Scottish monarchs typically use their first given name as the name they reign under, although there are a few notable exceptions

    Alexandrina Victoria, chose to reign under the name her parents originally wanted to have as her first given name.

    Edward VII's proper given name was the double barrelled Albert Edward, he chose his regnal name in defiance of his mothers wish that future kings would honour her late husband, in their regnal name. 

    Albert Frederick Arthur George, decided to use his last given name, and reign as George VI to emphasise the continuity of the monarchy in the aftermath of his brothers abduction. 

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  • Sure, it's possible.  There has never been a King Philip, to my knowledge, and there hasn't been a King Charles for about 400 years, and the last Charles they had was the one who essentially reestablished the royal family in England, so it'd be a good pick.  If I had to bet, I'd say that he'd probably pick George and become King George VII, rather than King Charles III or King Philip.  Being the 7th of a name to hold a position show permanence and stability.

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    He is already the tampon king.

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    It is possible, but I expect he has rather got used to the name after 72 years. George VI and Edwards VII and VIII changed their names, but for two of them that was to avoid using Albert as a regnal name. Many people can't get royal names correct now, so  keeping things simple has some merit. Also George and Camilla sounds like a sitcom.

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