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What's this worth?

I found this amongst coins I've collected since I was a child. I heard something about her hair or something but I don't know how to research it. 

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    While these are not in circulation any longer, having been replaced by the loonie, there are still load of these around, so they aren't worth all that much, especially i the shape that one is.  It is worth hanging on to, as it will appreciate in value, but, this one is not all that old.  I spent lot of these in my life!

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    It's a Canadian Landscape banknote from the '50s. It looks like yours is a later print, after they fixed the "grinning demon" pareidolia that some saw in her hair.

    Even if it is one of the pre-modified "Devil's Head" I can't imagine it being worth more than $10 in that condition. 

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    This guy talks about rare Canadian money -

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    Here's her hair

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