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A while back I broke up with a boyfriend. The breakup really UPSET me. ?

At around the same time I was breaking up with this boyfriend I had a cat I loved who suddenly started eating less for about 2 weeks. I was so UPSET about the breakup that it left me distraught and I somehow wasn't thinking straight enough to take the cat to a veterinarian like I should have. But the breakup was so UPSETTING to me that I didn't have enough sense to take the cat to a veterinarian. After those 2 weeks I found my cat deceased in the woods. There wasn't a mark or scratch on him. He had not lost a lot of weight and he wasn't skinny. Before he slowed down eating he was a little overweight so whatever weight he lost during those 2 weeks didn't make him skinny.

 Needless to say I feel GUILTY about what happened to my cat. I loved him very much  but I still find it a puzzle as to what happened to my cat and it's a mystery how he started eating less when I broke up with my boyfriend. Also, 2 weeks before my cat started eating less, I got a huge tick off of him. Can someone solve the mystery as to why my cat mysteriously died after I broke up with my boyfriend? 


I WAS SO SEVERELY UPSET I couldn't think straight. I have carried A LOT of guilt on my shoulders about how I overlooked his sickness 

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    What "mystery"? Your cat was sick, and you did not take him to the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. Many illnesses will lead to death if they are not treated. You'll never know if the vet could have helped him or not. Additionally, you apparently allowed your cat to roam, exposing him to all manner of hazards that go along with that.  Cause of death was owner neglect, plain and simple. Your emotional distress is not justification for neglecting another life that depends on you for survival.

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