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When a job application asks if you finance experience...?

So I'm applying for a government job and one of the screening question says 

"Do you have experience in the field of accounting or finance? "

1. Which position(s) did you occupy? (Include name of employer and from-to dates.)

2. What was/were your roles? Describe the types of accounting experience you acquired.

I don't have accounting but I do have 6 years working as a customer service rep for AT&T which involves a lot of numbers when it comes to billing and also for a major credit card company where I had to resolve a lot of billing charges like "why does my bill show 1.92 in interest when it should be 1.40" based on how interest is calculated in the credit card world based on an average balance in their billing cycle....

I would think I could say, but then I'm not sure because I can't 'describe the type of accounting experience' you have....? What do you think?

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    Your experience has very, very little to do with accounting.  

    You did not actually calculate the bills...Accounts Receivable did that.  You only answered questions and caused Accounts Receivable  to correct the billing.

    You did not actually send out invoices or requests for payment either.  Accounts Receivable did that.  You only answered the phone and answered questions.

    You did not review invoices from suppliers such as the electrical company or the rent or the computer services contracts.  You did not issue checks for  the invoices or approve them to be paid.  Accounts Payable did that.  You never indicate that you worked in that department.

    You have not run payroll, issued W-2's filed I9's or calculated the deductions on employee paychecks.  That is what the Payroll department does.  You do not indicate that you have ever worked in Payroll.

    I am also going to guess that you do not know what a 'General Ledger' , a Chart of Accounts' or a 'Statement of Cash Flows' are.  That means you do not know how or where to make journal entries.  That is one of the basic tasks of an accountant.

    You are probably a great customer service rep, and you can more than likely do a good job of balancing your checkbook and making certain your accounts are not overdrawn.

    But, you are not an accountant, bookkeeper or any type of financial professional any more than the cashier at CVS is a financial professional

    You cannot put down any accounting experience.  If you do, and they call you in for an interview you will appear to be stupid as you will not be able to answer any accounting questions.

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    No. Customer service reps aren't considered financing or accounting.

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    I think based on what you described you do not have accounting nor finance experience. To try and claim you do would be a misrepresentation of your skill set. You might struggle in an interview, and if the position involves accounting or financial work, could fail to complete critical tasks. 

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    Put down what you wrote here.

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