Chris asked in HealthMental Health · 2 months ago

Is my Mother scratching cause it feels good?

It's been about five years now that she moved in with me and two years since I quit my job to care for her fulltime.

I was scared cause someone I knew mentioned many years ago that her mother got aroused by being bathed.

No issues with that, but now she puts her hands down her pants and scratches.

I have powder (cornstarch) and barrier cream on her, she gets showers once a week when I get help and use Summer Eve on her.

She takes D-Mannose, my brother said a female friend of his said works to control UTI's?

She has Early Onset Dementia, possibly (most likely) Primary Progressive Aphasia.

Clearly I cant get answers from Dementia sufferers.

I want to know if,,,, How do I put it?

Do you care for anyone who still shows sexual urges?

My brother will NOT wash her in the shower.



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