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Is it okay to take a break over Coronavirus?

My parents are such a control-freaks. They don't seem 

to have much compassion that my generation can't 

find decent-jobs (they're aren't any besides retail left), 

and now we have to deal with Coronavirus too? What a joke. 

They say they care about me, but 

I don't see them trying to help me 

find a decent-job or come up with 

some other type of income. They 

see we're in a Great-Depression but 

as usual, it's every man for himself. 


And how do we do that if they 

only jobs available are at McDonald's?

Update 2:

Steve: The only jobs available nearby are at McDonald's

so what's the point? That's not enough for even one person?

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    There are going to be challenges in every generation, COVID-19 is impacting all generations, all across the globe. It sounds like your parents way of caring about you is different than what you would like for them to do to show they care and I have a feeling there's a lot more than just what you've included here. It's true the "boomer" generation tends to have unrealistic views of the current economic situation; they grew up largely in a time where a household with only one earner with a high school diploma could make a wage that kept the whole family fed, clothed, and housed. Even allowing for inflation, the numbers are nowhere near equivalent these days and in many states the hourly wage one would have to earn to be able to afford a 2-bedroom apartment is in the $20/hour range. However, there are jobs out there, yes, they may not be your preferred line of work, however, if you need income, then you will have to start by working at whatever job you can get and then continue to keep an eye out for a position you may prefer. 

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    What do you mean 'decent jobs'? Every job is a decent job, and you aren't so perfect and delicate that you cannot work retail. Get off your pedestal princess and do your part. You aren't looking for help, you are looking for a parent-funded reason to sit on your @ss all day. That is a pathetic attitude that your parents do not deserve.

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    If there are jobs at MacDonald's, why not take one: sure it's better than nothing? Then you can work on getting promotions, getting some qualifications, etc. That way you won't have to rely on your parents to do everything for you. Can you bath yourself yet?

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    WE currently are dealing with a virus that has killed almost 260,000 in the United States as well as millions of people in other countries and yet YOU are acting like a CHUMP CLOWN LOSER BABY. Stop acting like such an immature BABY. Your parents have provided for YOU. YOU should be showing them some F- RESPECT. YOU are apparently not a BABY anymore so GROW UP and get off your F- LAZY CHUMP wanna be *** and go find a F- JOB. So YOU can show some appreciation for your PARENTS for a change...And perhaps help THEM with incoming bills etc.


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    The Virgin Mary aids in their necessities those who propagate her rosary.

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    Miguel, until you get rid of all of the unnecessary hyphenations, it is useless to go anonymous.

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    Don't feel bad. It was the same with the GI generation, and they ended up the richest generation.  You will too.  But of course, like all young people, you think a few years is forever.

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