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How can you sell cheap jewelry and other things successfully? ?

Ive bought cheap jewelry from a retail shop and over the years i have not been wearing it and been doing house cleaning. Getting rid of stuff i no longer use and wondering if anyone has had success trying to sell their stuff, including jewelry? I may not get much out of selling cheap jewelry but might get more out of clothing I don't use anymore.

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    2 months ago

    I actually just bought what is called a destash from Etsy. Its 3 lbs of various jewelry pieces, some broken but some intact. The lot cost me 45 dollars include 7 dollar shipping. If I can fix up and sell 30 pieces for 8 dollars and 5 for 20 5 for 12 or something like that I will have made a good profit. I think I will sell on Poshmark as you aren't supposed to resell items from Etsy but I do plan on buying more destash lots elsewhere and doing the same to sell on Etsy, I mostly want to fix up these pieces and put most of the destashes I buy on Etsy as they automatically give you a tax document at the end of the year and it's much simpler then reporting as freelancing. I am so excited for this business and started it with 20 dollars my mom mailed me for Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will be profitable and I can turn it into a part time job, but at least I will have fun at the very least.

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