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Breast reduction surgery in Texas?

I'm 20 years old & nonbinary and don't necessarily want to tell my doctors that I'm trans, but I am a DD cup and want to downgrade to a C or B cup. I'm applying for a job and I am eager to save up for this procedure because I've been wanting it for years. Anyone with any level of experience, could you offer advice on the price range and/or what I should say to my doctor? I want to be prepared for any hoops I need to jump through to achieve this procedure.

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    Unless you're pushing for a double mastectomy, I'm not sure what " non-binary and don't necessarily want to tell my doctors that I'm trans" has to do with wanting just a reduction.

    It's really just as simple as "Doc, I want a reduction before my back has problems". It's an elective procedure, unless you can get a chiropractor to tell you that your back is starting to give you trouble.

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    If you’re paying out of pocket there are very minimal hoops to jump.  It’s cosmetic surgery just like if you wanted breast enlargement, so all the doc will care about is “does she have the money?” 

    Breast reduction costs around $8000-15000, all in. It’s worth your time to do your research... both to get a good surgeon AND to get a competitive price. 

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    Whatever you identify as makes no difference. But the first qualifier would be being at near-normal weight. Bcuz if you're obese, any surgeon will just tell you "lose weight first." Cost could be anywhere from $7-15K.

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    If You tell them that You're interested in getting a breast reduction, they'll cooperate with You. I know a few women in my life who have had the surgery, so You don't necessarily have to tell them about your gender identity.

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