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is there any way to make sex hurt less?

this isn’t a new thing for me. every single time i try to have sex, it won’t go in, and if it does its extremely painful during and (especially) after. i don’t know what’s causing it but it sucks. i really want to enjoy having sex. even when i’m turned on, it’s like my muscles clamp up. i’ve tried about every position in the book and none of them seem to be “better”. i’m not on any meds that could interfere with it. is there a solution to this or is it just something i have to live with forever???

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  • Lili
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    2 months ago

    First, see a doctor for a full exam, to make sure everything''s medically normal.  Be every honest with the doctor about what's going on. Seeing a gynecologist would be best, since they deal regularly with sexual issues.

    If all checks out medically, physically, see a sex therapist who specializes in sexual disorders and dysfunctions.  You may be suffering from a condition called dyspareunia that can be psychological but is treatable.  You need to see a therapist with experience, though.

    You're using plenty of lubricant? Getting lots of foreplay so you are fully lubricated?  If so, do see a gynecologist and therapist.

  • 2 months ago

    Begin with a proper evaluation to find out what is actually wrong.

    Have the hormones checked. A Doctor, gynecologist, endocrinologist can do this.

    Low estrogen can cause dryness. Astro glide personal lubricant works great. 

    Proper for play, timing and being relaxed may help too.

    Search  Five Smooth Graduated Vaginal Dilators. They may help too.

  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    Talk to your doctor about this.   Seriously.   Sex should be enjoyable. 

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