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How to meet people in your 20's when you work alone and there are no clubs/groups/etc. in your area?

Obviously COVID has put a damper on this as well, but this has been going on since well before COVID and I am wanting to know what I should do when people start feeling safe to gather again, whenever that may be. 

Ever since I moved to this town 5 years ago (yes, 5), I have had extreme difficulty meeting new people. I'm 25, and I work alone so I don't meet anyone through work. Moving and switching jobs is not an option.

I have checked Meetup and there is nothing in my area that I would meet the requirements for (a few groups are for 40 or 50+, one is a trauma support group, etc.). I am not really a bar type of person (I rarely drink), or an online chatting one. I just don't feel I can get to know someone very well online and would want to have local friends to go do stuff with. 

What do you do to meet new people?

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