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Is she going out with me???? Any advice?

This girl and i went out Saturday and we had a great time,  so today i texted her asking if  she wanted to get something to eat tomorrow. 

 She didn’t know because she had alot of things to doo but she said.

*i have alot of stuff to doo,  but I promise i will try.  Im 90% there.*

Does that mean she’s coming?????  Any help???

I know its silly but this is the first date since my girlfriend and i broke up. 

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  • T J
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    2 months ago

    Text her, that she should text you, to let you know either way.

  • 2 months ago

    You are looking for a definitive answer. Yet, her answer, leaves her an out to design. 

    So, her answer is basically I like you and if nothing else better comes up or if Im not tired or if I don't feel like going, then I will go. So, you are looking for reassurance that again, by design, she has chosen not to commit by leaving herself an out to not go as it's all based on how she feels day of. 

    I personally have done that. The reason is I was working a ton and would get to work at 4am and not leave until 8pm, but have a day off the next day. So, when someone would want me to hang out the next day, I would not fully commit as sometimes I'd wake up with a full body of energy, ready to take on the day and have fun with my guy. Yet, if my long work day was full of non-stop issues I had to fix for a film shoot, a really needy point of contact who rode me like a pony about needing the sun to stop shining so brightly and complain about feeling the earth's rotation and demanding I slow it down, that next day(my day off) I would need full alone time and no matter how much I had fun with my guy and wanted to see him, I needed to decompress as I was in full sensory overload and needed a breather from all human life. 

    So, sorry, I cant give you a definite. Just take my example and know it's not you, she just has to wait and see how she feels day of. She is saying she wants to see you, but it might be one of those days like what I told you. 

  • keerok
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    2 months ago

    How hard is it to understand English? She said she's not sure but she really wants to go which means you have to call her back later to check if she can make it. If not, re-schedule. Ask her when she's available. Girls like that, when guys make their plans around them.

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