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What do I get my band teacher from our senior class ?

We are deeply connected to this teacher and have been with her since 6th grade, she is fun loving caring all of the above she is truly amazing p.s she can’t have sugary drinks because of her heart condition 

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    One of the nicest things you could do is make an album with a picture of each person in it, and a really nice letter to her from each person. Make it so that the picture is on the left and the letter is on the right. It would be a beautiful keepsake she would have for the rest of her life, If you also have group band pictures with you all in your uniforms and with your instruments, add them, or take a couple of group pictures without her knowing, if you can. (Not sure how restricted you are with covid). A nice boquet of flowers with done with your band colors would be a wonderful finishing touch. 

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    The album is a lovely idea. You can accompany it with a gift certificate- maybe for her favorite restaurant? 

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