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How do I convince my parents to let me have a sleepover with one friend?

My parents don’t want me to have a sleepover. My friends sister is in high school they went remote because of a positive case in the senior class.(her sister is a freshman) But the middle school is in the same building as the high school. Middle school students are not remote. So if we catch COVID we catch it in my eyes how do I convince my mom to let me have a sleepover??


Stop being inconsiderate socialization is key to mental sanity! 

Update 2:

Do you know your facts?? Just asking. COVID is most deadly in people with health issues and elderly. My parents have had COVID in the past year. So they know what it is like and it is not even as bad as the flu for them

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    Update: Inconsiderate is what you are! Yes, your socialization is important during a once in a lifetime pandemic that can end your parents lives for the rest of your life! Yet, go have fun girl! Nothing says fun like 2 coffins! 

    Thats right! Tell your parents you dont care about their existence and that you are willing to risk their health and definitely their life for fun!

    How do u convince your Dad to risk his health and potential death? Dad, I know 40% of people with COVID are asymptomatic aka feel just fine with no fever or symptoms. I know my friend lives in a different household & we'd be increasing the likelihood of COVID contact by inviting her in as everyone each of her famuly members came into contact with outside of school is now factored into the equation when she comes over.  I know cases are skyrocketing and nationwide hospitals are at 70% capacity and do not have room for the standard emergencies like car accidents that happen because it's full of COVID patients, so non-COVID patients are being stored in the ER for 18 +  hours waiting to be seen. 

    Yet, I really want to have fun!!!!

     I have no patience or concern that if I give you COVID from my asymptomatic friend I had to have over for popcorn and movies, that you will end up struggling to breathe and it will feel like someone is sitting on your chest and you are breathing tar as your head hurts and your body feels like you were ran over by a semi truck from all the muscle pain. I will not worry about you while your in the hospital and doctors tell me it's touch and go, meaning you could cease to exist for the rest of my existence.

    I have no idea why they would have a problem. 

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