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Why has CNN become the 'Trump station'?What ever is going on in the world whenever you tune into CNN it can't go a minute w/o somehow tying?

it into a reason to talk about Trump?It's like an obsession with a broken record?

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    I know a guy who has a pretty high-up position in WarnerMedia....he told me three years ago that Warner has been trying to unload CNN for years because it's been a consistent loser financially...

    In case you don't know, a very common way corporations unload money-losing divisions is to artificially inflate its perceived value in the short term... A maker of "widgets" for example will lower their sales price by 30%-40%, undercutting the competition, to show a huge spike in sales.

    It doesn't matter that the move is unsustainable because some investment group run by "bean counters" will only see the sales "growth" and make an offer to buy the division from the parent corporation...

    CNN was losing in the ratings to shopping networks 5 years ago... Today they are the undisputed, "go-to" network for all things related to Trump hate.. Actual revenue and ratings don't matter... some media group will likely recognize their total domination over a narrow, but extremely exploitable buying segment and make Warner an offer...

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    I guess his behavior makes you forget he's supposed to be our nation's leader. The president usually gets a lot of attention, but I guess you'll be happy when he's out of office in a couple of months. Biden should and would get most attention then if Trump would just shut up and retire quietly... but he won't, because he craves attention, even the negative kind.

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    He's the POTUS. It's his job to act on things happening in the world. C'mon, fox does that too

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