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Hello american english speaking people. I am so frustrated that I am not fluent in English speaking. What should I do?

I look dumb for not expressing what I have to say.. sigh 

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    2 months ago

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    Here's the thing: learning another language is difficult and requires lots of time and effort.

    (I know, I speak three foreign languages and dabbled in one or two more and every time it has been a lot of work. Becoming fluent usually takes years and one has to keep using the language in order not to lose the fluency again.)

    What I'm trying to say is that anybody who thinks you look dumb for not being fluent has most likely never learned (or tried to learn) another language.

    After all, you are fluent in at least your own language and you have some knowledge of English (and judging from your question your English isn't that bad even if you can't speak fluently yet). Many Americans (most of them?) don't speak ANY other languages.

    It's also possible that you're too critical with yourself. (I'm very critical with myself, too, and would get frustrated if I fail to express myself in another language, so I know the feeling.)

    While you may think you look dumb, it's very possible that the folks you speak to do NOT think you look dumb exactly because they might be aware that you speak English much better than they would speak your language!

    In short: try to be more relaxed, you only look dumb to people who are ignorant of what you have already achieved (which would be more than they have).

    Now, how can you become fluent? Practice.

    I have made the most progress in my speaking skills when I was living in a country where that language is spoken, surrounded by native speakers. The more you use the language, the more you practice, the more fluent you will become.

    You can also read and/or watch TV shows and movies to expand your vocabulary and become familiar with colloquial English.

    I've been watching clips of American late night shows on YouTube for a while (too much, actually!). I like the shows with Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah. Watching this is not only funny and entertaining, you'll also learn about what's going on in the US and you will pick up colloquial English that you won't find in books.

    But, again, most importantly you should try practice your speaking skills at every possibility. If you have friends (or colleagues) that are English native speakers, ask them to only speak English with you (or in the case of colleagues, whenever possible).

    Like I said, the best method in my opinion is spending some time living in the country where your target language is spoken; if this isn't possible maybe you can make some trips there, which is better than nothing. Another very effective thing (at least it was for me) is an intensive language course but these are not always cheap - and of course the best thing is to do an intensive language course in that country.

    What's also very effective is to have a romantic partner speaking that language but that's not something that can be easily planned of course!   ;-)

    Anyway, you get the idea. Just try to speak as much as possible and you'll get more and more used speaking the language. And if you do this in an environment where native speaker are around you'll pick up colloquial language almost automatically.

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    Coming from a family of immigrant, I understand that.  Most communities have free or low-cost "English as a second language" programs.  Why don't you look into that?

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    Keep using Google Translate - it works wonderfully and we can generally understand whatever comes out from it.

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