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If I get the coronavirus how do I get food and water?


Ricky: i’m sorry you have Covid, may your final days be in peace.  

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    While this does not belong in family & relationships and should be under "health," you either order via a service like Instacart, Amazon or Pea Pod or a similar service. Or if you cannot afford to, you contact your local board of health and ask for resources to help you through either the isolation, quarantine or actual illness. 

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    Most stores now have delivery, if you do not have family members to pick up food for you.  

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    Most houses are equipped with a magic device called a "tap".You may notice a little lever on top. If you try turning it counter clockwise when viewed from above it creates water.  Now you can live for more than a month without food.  But you can contact friends to buy things on your behalf and leave them on your doorstep.  You then cook the foods yourself.  It usually costs less and is healthier than any other form of feeding so after covid, if you survive it, you may be fitter and more full of energy than you have been for many years.  Good luck.

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    I have covid and I cook for myself but it sucks 

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