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Is taking a post-bacc certificate program worth it if you already have a master's degree?

As the title asked.

I have a MA degree in public policy from a (US) highly-ranked school (though not in that field, but rather in name recognition). It's been over two years since I graduated and went to work, but I'm considering taking a post-bacc cert program. I'm leaning toward an International Relations cert program, which is somewhat different than my master's field. But I wanted to shift from working in a corporate setting to a more government setting.

So, how useful is a post-bacc? Is it worth the money right now? I know we're under the pandemic, so jobs aren't plenty, but I'm hoping having a cert would help after the pandemic is over.

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  • DON W
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    2 months ago

    I earned a graduate certificate a few years after receiving a masters degree, and found it a worthwhile experience.  Of course, it was my employer paying the tuition.  Did it help me?  Hard to say since I spent my entire career with that employer, but I enjoyed the courses.

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