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Nepal question ?

How is nepal for a white usa male?

Is it safe?

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    Nepal is very safe. . . for white males from the USA, for non-whites, for women, and for people from other countries.  Nepali people, in general, are not nosey (other than those in the tourist district who are trying to make money), and they will leave you alone.  However, they are always happy to help if you have a question or need assistance.  In that sense, they are very generous and kind.

    It's not that nothing bad can happen to you in Nepal.  However, I am from the USA myself, I have been to Nepal seven times, and I've never been threatened or had reason to worry about my life, my money, or my belongings.  I've ridden the busses, taken taxis, and taken planes to get around, as well as walked through many neighborhoods in the city of Kathmandu as well as in small towns.  

    As the cost of living is so much lower in Nepal than in the USA, you can quite a bargain visiting there.  And the country is both beautiful and fascinating.  

    If it were not for covid, I would be there right now.   

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    want to know about nepal & Everest 

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