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How to know if I had a concussion?

So, back in June 2020 I got into a fight with my dad and he hit my head REALLY hard several times (he has strong hands) and I am afraid I have had concussion. How to know? Is it worth going to the doctor 5 months later? I didnt think I could have concussion since my mom thinks it is impossible for me to get a concussion and just brushed everything off (she laughed and said I have a strong head and nothing can happen to me) .. she doesn’t care about anything when it comes to me :( I dont know, I am afraid, I was reading symptoms of concussion and only I had a mild headache from the blows for a few days and nothing else. I stayed at home all the time, I didnt play any sports (and still dont play). Sometimes I get confused and for example forget what I was about to do in that moment but that happened before this event too and sometimes I lose balance when walking short distances (for example from my room to the kitchen) but that happened before too.. I am scared to death and I feel like my life has been ruined :( please help me guys, I have no one to talk to .. I am all alone.. I feel like I lost my life. I am afraid.


All I did was rest after all this happened and didn’t do any physical activity at all.

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    If it really bothers you, go and see the doctor. You just need to do some tests to figure out whether there's something for you to worry about. I hope everything is fine, but you need to be sure of that.

  • LAN
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    2 months ago

    Since this is as imaginary as all the other crap you continually post I don't see a reason to see a doctor.  Especially since you aren't willing to do anything about the stupidity that drives you to keep posting this kind of crap.

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    It is worth going to the doctor. What you seem to be describing is Traumatic Brain Injury, which can last for years. Look up MTBI, which is mild traumatic brain injury and TBI online. Symptoms include dizziness, loss of balance, short term memory loss, confusion, inability to find words, vision impairment and other things. 

    From what you are describing, I would say you have suffered brain injury. 

    There are resources online. 

  • 2 months ago

    First, do not go to the ER. Second, we don’t tale skull xrays and a CT Is to look for bleeding, something you would not have at 5 months.  There is no specific treatment for a concussion, mild or severe. It’s rest brain rest. You could see your doctor for more info.

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  • Marc
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    2 months ago

    You cannot have a concussion for 5 months

  • 2 months ago

    By all means you should get to a doctor or an emergency room for a check out even after 5 months.  You need at least a head xray and a neurological exam by a physician...all of which can be done in an ER.

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