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Is it weird if in a couple the guy is the good one and the girl is the cold, suspicious one?

In every young adult novel there's always this pattern with the bad boy and the good girl that falls for him. What about a couple where the guy is naive, genuinely good hearted and notices her always being by herself, cold and always serious. He falls for her and tries to get her to notice him without being dismissed right away by her cruel criterias and be put in the same list of people that disappointed her. When he tries to be nice to her, without even speaking, just helping her concretely, she thinks bad of herself for thinking bad about him, trying to hide herself from him and having had thoughts like 'what does he want from me? Why is he talking to me? The guy must be weird'. Then she falls for him because he has is good hearted, always shy and smiling within himself, and is kind of funny in his shyness, although he is attractive too. So the girl becomes a bit like him at the end (she was already like him, but many hardships made her turn into a cold and apparently feelingless person).

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    Why not just avoid the cliches and make them people?

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    Who reads YA novels, mostly? Girls. They prefer to see themselves portrayed as the good one. And the one some guy falls for.

    Go figure, huh?

    Not to say the flipside won't work, if it's done well.

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