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Why would our cat meow when she is petted?It only occurs on occasion. Is it because she wants to be left alone?

Yes, she has visited the vet. And nothing was found wrong. No degenerative issues or injuries. It seems to be increasing as she gets older. 


And sometimes it sounds like a "leave me alone" meow. But other times it seems like a "I'm in pain" meow.

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    The neighbours'' old girl got like that and they interpreted it as "leave me alone", so they did.  She was fine in every other respect and would come and talk to them if she wanted something. Who knows what yours is trying to tell you, it could be that or it could be that she is acknowledging your attention.  I suspect that if it was the latter she'd come seeking attention.

  • 3 months ago

    If a cat does not want to be petted they are most likely going to walk away, or if you try to restrain them, to get a bit hostile.  The meow may be to tell you you aren't doing it right.

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    As far?as your cat is concerned, you are another cat. Some Cathy's talk a lot, others do not. My.12 or 13   year old neutered  female talks?a lot. She sometimes howls. Often it's?when she?wants food or to stroked. Thex2 year old neutered female used to talk a lot. Now she doe it when she wants food or attention. The only timecEddie talks is when He is?enough to be fed. He sometinescdoesxa little dance. He's big. He's neutered. He knows the girls?are boss. His body language does his talking. 

    It's your cat. Have you tried meowing back? Does she ever get constipated?.Different cats need different amounts and types of attention. 

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