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My phone is slowly getting worse after falls. What should I do?

Hi! In mid October I dropped my phone. Usually that was no big deal, but it fell face down on cement. The screen shattered and the back camera didn’t work. I had the screen replaced but have been living without the back camera. The front camera works on Snapchat, and looks like it’ll work on the actual camera, but it doesn’t actually take the picture. Today, I dropped it on my dorm’s tile floor...Siri and dictation are not working now but my audio works on calls. What should I do now? I’m still not sure I want to buy a new phone but am unsure about all of these fixes (and if the issues can all be fixed). Thank you!

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    Sadly, your phone is done and not worth repairing. Get a new one and AT THE SAME TIME, get a shatter-proof screen protector and a sensible gel armor case with a grip like a tire on it. I've got one like that, and there's also a recess in the side where the thumbprint sensor goes, and I haven't dropped it once in 2 years.

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    Replace the phone and stop losing your grip. 

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    Always look at what it costs to repair the phone vs replacing it. You only half azz fixed it, now more is wrong with the second (or 50th drop). Internal damage can often be cumulative. So ask yourself, how much do I want to spend on repairing or replacing the phone?

    A new phone with extended warranty or insurance, gives you the option of replacing the phone at a discounted price (the deductible vs full retail). 

    A used phone and a good case, will lessen the sting of a damaged or lost phone, especially if you got a good deal. 

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    I think it's a bit late to save your current phone, although I might be wrong. In the future get a good hard case like an Otterbox. Yeah they're kinda expensive, but I guarantee you they're less expensive than your phone, and with the right case, your phone becomes practically indestructible.

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