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How much does the jet fuel cost per 1 hour of flight for a 747?

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    Jet fuel is tax free and nowhere near the prices quoted here. (I suspect these are private aviation prices)

    It is a commodity and the price changes all the time.In 2013 it was at a high of $140 a barrel ( $4 gal) but due to lack of demand it has been as low as $20 (57 cents  gal) this year.

    Take off takes around 1000 gallons and cruising about 1 gal a second. 

    So at $1 a gal , we are looking at about $4500 at commercial rates this year.

    Airport landing fees vary considerably and at a major airport like Heathrow could cost over $10 000.

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    The price of fuel varies not only from one country to the next, but also from one region within a country to the next. Suppliers may also charge their biggest customers less than the smaller airlines, so the cost may also be different from one airlines to another. 

    Even within the same airport, different fixed base operators charge different prices for the fuel.  At Sarasota/Brandenton International Airport one supplier charges $6.46 per gallon of Jet A fuel while another charges $5.58.  At the same time, at Punta Gorda Airport, about 10-15 minutes flying time away, Jet A costs $3.99.

    Many airlines now hedge their fuel costs by buying jet fuel futures contracts on the commodities markets, so their fuel costs are an average of those contracts.  Delta Airlines has even gone one step further:  a few years ago it bought an oil refinery near Philadelphia to supply the jet fuel for its New York hub.  Delta entered into a barter arrangement with BP where BP supplies the crude oil to the refinery for free and in return gets all the refined products (e.g. gasoline, diesel, home heating oil) the refinery produces, except the jet fuel, which Delta keeps for itself.    

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    It takes about USD $12000 to take off and get to altitude after that the fuel consumption drops significantly at 25000 feet by at least 75%, at 85 gallons per hour by $4.00 (local price)  that's about $350 per hour.

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    The 747 at cruise power will burn about a gallon per second of jet fuel. At a cost of about $6.00 per gallon, well you do the math. 

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    Roughly $25k per hour.

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