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What stops constipation from eating cornstarch?

My friend recently told me she was addicted to eat cornstarch for over 15 years. I had no idea and I didn't judge. She said she hasn't been able to to have a regular bowel movement in close to a month. I asked if she tried laxatives and stool softener, she said yes but still not enough comes out. She has been gained 4 to 5 pounds each week and doesn't know what to do. I don't know how to help her other than to tell her to go to the doctor

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    She has an intestinal blockage! Cornstarch literally becomes cement when it comes into contact with hydrochloric acid and you got a lot of that in your stomach. That person needs to totally avoid all meat and eat nothing whatsoever except vegetables and greens and oatmeal and lots and lots of lemonade orange juice V8 juice. Until that big ball of cement in that person's stomach dissolves which may take a month.

    If you don't start immediately with this diet that I'm telling you about you can suffer a total blockage and have to be rushed to the hospital where they really do the same thing as Roto-Rooter and have to surgically root you out to get that block of cement out of your stomach.

    But if you start immediately with the diet that I'm telling you it will start to dissolve the cornstarch cement block!

    In about a month that person will be just fine

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     Enough coffee & some Laxative should do the trick zxjqfkb

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