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How to revoke US immigration sponsorship.?

My father wants to revoke his sponsorship for my brother in law. My sister and brother in law are going through a divorce after 5 years of marriage and he would like to revoke his immigration sponsorship. What would be best course of action. 

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    Depends on what stage the sponsorship is at........ if he is already in th US then it is too late

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    IF your father filed a petition to sponsor his daughter's immigration to US, and her husband is a derivative on the petition for the daughter, end of the marriage makes the SIL ineligible. He removes the SIL's name as derivative as he is no longer eligible.

    IF his daughter & SIL have already immigrated, end of the marriage would terminate any conditional green card obtained as a spouse. But if SIL already immigrated & holds a permanent green card, it's too late to revoke sponsorship & Dad remains on the hook for his daughter AND her ex-spouse.

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    Where are they in the process?  If son-in-law already has his permanent (10 year) card, it is too late.  Unfortunately it sometimes happens that the immigrant decides he no longer wants to be married as soon as he gets that permanent card.  Worse, the affidavit of support that your father signed does not expire until the immigrant has either completed 40 quarters of full time work or has naturalised, whichever comes first.  Your sister could try for fraud to overturn his status but she would need something pretty solid like another wife in his own country.

    If son-in-law only has the temporary card, your daughter can report that the marriage broke down which should terminate the immigration process.. 

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